Reading Commentary For Week 1: Great Wall of Facebook by Fred Vogelstein

I don’t exactly know what to say about this article.  This is just another classic “clash of the Titans” scenario.  A lot of corporations deal with this all the time.  If a corporation is under threat from a competition, they usually merge or they come up with something ground breaking or innovative to enhance their value to remain relevant.

What I gathered from it is that Google is threatened by Facebook’s popularity, where Facebook users rely on their cohorts’ opinion rather than using Google to investigate things of interest.  Therefore Google will become obsolete.  Then it spiraled on and on about (failed) corporate acquisitions, immature management styles, other corporate gossip etc…

I can only speak for myself at this point.  I’m dependent on both for two completely different reasons.  I, for one, use FB to store the friends I have collected over the years from all over the world.  That makes it convenient for me because we all just can’t be together because of location and choices of lifestyle, but it’s nice to hear from them and share news.  I use Google for all of my research, meaning it helps me with translations, spelling, thesaurus, viewing maps/locations, see videos, search for specific historical things, purchase best flights, which car to buy, shopping for deals etc.

I also never use FB to help guide me in terms of what my friends say (i.e. what products to use, best restaurant, etc).  I’ve always been able to form my own opinions without subcoming to peer pressure or outside persuasions.

They’re both very different, I don’t understand the concern.  One is a search engine and the other is for social networking.  If Google is worried so much, then they’ll need to stay on top of their perceived competition by coming up with something more inventive to stay ahead of the pack… Oh wait— isn’t that why they came up with Google+?


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