Maker Faire

3 projects that I most interested in:

One is:




Many people were interested in this thing. Especially, children. At first sight, I thought it was a iPod Shuffle as the design and size. With physical touch, you can combine two or three, actually, there were 6 electronic boxes as a group, to combine them together to extend the limited screen as the screen was really small. The aspect is really cute. But I am considering about the prize, I just checked SIFTEO website, the pre-order price is $149. To be honest, I wonder that it is a little bit expensive, coz many people have iPhones, people can play the same games with their iPhones.

One is: Sining Fish Car



This project was really funny, and it was the first thing I caught in Maker Faire. At first, all the fishes and lobsters were singing, but they didn’t move, in the end, they gave the final poses, they twisted their bodies, and opened their mouths. They scared me, but made me laugh.

One is : Running Robot ( I forgot the name…)

It reminded me another LEGO toy I met in Chicago.

They are quite different in size and looking. The same part is they were both used LOGO to made the body.

The robot in Maker Faire was an Arduino Robot. I may focus on the material of the stuff.

I also found it was hard the control the robot, the direction, the speed. It always hit the edge of the desk, it looked so poor.



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