HW reading for 9-12

The gist of these articles reinforce the practice of “good” or even “correct” design practices. The emphasis is not only on aesthetics but on user interaction bing pivotal to design. It also states and  argues that user interaction and experience should be the foundation of your actual design. From here the articles go on to describe different sorts of prototyping and mocking up.

There was a very good line from the cardboard computer article: “In our view, artifacts, computers as well as other tools, should be understood via the human use of them.” This seems to be the thesis of the collection of articles…explain by which means you can and should approach this.

“The role of Experience Prototyping here is to let a client, a design colleague or a user understand the subjective value of a design idea by directly experiencing it. This is usually done with the intention of persuading the audience — for example, that an idea is compelling or that a chosen design direction is incorrect. ” — Experience Prototyping.

These articles also want to convey that desgining is not just about the artifact but about very much so about the experience as well, and go on to state that designers need to spend more time focusing on the experience.

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