7in7 # 3 Fish Lamp-chimney

This is a fish lamp-chimney. And this is an accident.

At first, I did not think this project can be a lamp-chimney. I tried to make a fish face hat for taking photos. Still pretend to be a fish( Waring the fish face hat) in crowd. What is the difference between you and others? You are a fish, you do not touch the ground, as you do not touch the ground in water. You float most time.

Here is the example my friend and I took before —- floating in air, do not touch the ground. Just jump, pretend to be floating.



BUT, at last, I gave up the idea since the fish hat is so stupid, and when people jumped with it, it always flied off out control.

Ok, this is a new project with the fish face hat. Nevertheless, now it is a lamp-chimney.

Drawing and making steps:




Hope you like it~





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