7in7 #4 LED light/Fluorescent Fish

This inspiration is from ocean. Some kinds of fish can be fluorescent in dark, deep in ocean, coz their squama holds chemical substance. I bought ULTRA-Green/Red Phosphor online try to make something can be see in dark. I also got an idea from a night lamp( You may see the picture below).

The goal: a dancing fish in my bedroom.

Steps and annotations:

  • Ultra-Green/Red Phosphor
  • Making paper coral
  • Put the coral on wall and color it

  • Use 1phosphor+4nail polish

  • Absorb light
  • Testing
  •  Making paper box for the LED torch
  • Testing
Here is the video for finished product: LED light Fish
I found it was so hard to color paper with phosphor mixed nail polish, and it was so smelly.

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