7 in 7 Project# 3: Jedi Tennis for Lucasfilms (Gesture Recognition Game)

Goal: A chance to actually use a toy— lightsaber in a more interesting way.  Waving it around to hear that wooshing sound and impaling each other with the plastic version isn’t really all that fun.  There needs to be an evolution on this particular product even though it’s a novelty item.

Inspiration: U.S. Open, Baseball, Racquetball, Starwars, Geeks, Nerds

Approach: Use gesture recognition, accurate sounds depicted from Star Wars film, lots of lasers, computationally intense image processing, smart rangefinder scanner for the “Tron-like” court where it should be dark with electric blue guidelines and also for the ball in order it to volley/bounce back and forth, also would need to have accurate tracking systems…

Anticipated Constraints & Issues: Hardware may not be readily available nor will it be simple to configure right away. Players also need a lightsaber device. The court would have to be a stationary one where people would need to physically venture to vs playing in the comforts of their own home.

Might have to adjust the width of the laser from the lightsaber in order to properly hit the ball to a desired location, seeing as to how the tennis racket has an oblong shaped net for coverage.  Or maybe adjust the size of the tennis ball into a ping pong ball.

Or just convert this concept into a “Jedi Racquetball” all together.





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