7 in 7- Project # 1: The Seeker App

 Introducing, the Seeker App

There are usually two things everyone looks for before they leave the house.  Their keys or their phone.  With some, they forget where they are which becomes a nuisance.  Hence the Seeker App.

Goal:  You can find your keys when you press the Seeker App on your phone.  Also, if you can’t find your phone, but you have your keys, you can use the receiver key chain to call your phone.

Instructions: Download the app on to your phone and make sure the receiver is linked on to your keys.  A beeping noise then goes off  which will help you find your keys much faster.


Seeing as to how I don’t really have the materials to make this, it’s rather hard and difficult at this point to figure out if it works at all.  I wouldn’t even know where to start and the scope, would be massive and costly.  So this is just a preliminary concept which I can propose to a company to carry it through their R&D team, so they can source materials, design, engineering and testing.   Also I’m not too keen on the key chain receiver’s design as of right now and would need more time to form a good aesthetic-wise.






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