4/7 poupeegirl multiple exposure

I’m pretty addicted to a game called Poupeegirl, and have been playing for over 2 years. It’s not very popular in US, although it has a huge market in general overseas and in Japan. They not only have collaborations with idols, but also with Nitendo (there’s a DS as well as a 3DS game), fashion (shiseido, marjorlica, louis vuitton etc), cultural events (tanabata event, fukubukuro event,  summer matsuri etc) and technology (amblea, yahoo, DoCoMo etc)

The premise of the game is like a paper doll (the kind you have as kids, you cut out various outfits and stick them on) except upgraded with virtual currency, chat, jiten and a couple of social-network functions. So I decided to do a ‘what if’ a real life poupeegirl looked like?

I took down a closet, took it apart and made a ‘box’ to take pictures in to create a similar feel to the game’s ‘room’ concept (all the users have their own ‘room’ where the avatar resides) Then I took multiple exposures timed in 20sec bursts to create the kind of Expressionist effect of ‘time moving’. It was pretty fun, and I got a chance to spend more time with my flatmate 😀

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