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American Purge: Location Documentation


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Commentary on “The social life of small urban spaces”

The first thing that caught my attention was  that it is in fact harder to construct dysfunctional public spaces. Zoning, designing policies, new guidelines and rules are just abstract documents without careful observation of human interaction with his surroundings. The case of the playground chosen by kids at east Harlem serves as an excellent example …

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The High Line Time Sequence:

watch?v=pDtrWpvmTIk New watch?v=9Um7OSnXA8A watch?v=dDRJVWZWA0A watch?v=cSa3PnaVoRA

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Strager project- Week1 progress


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Presentation: “Twhat?” mashup

Prototype presentation: “Twhat?” Software-software mashup using Google Maps and Twitter.

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Instruction Sets for Strangers- Site location

InstructionSet In the end we chose the HighLine.

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Stranger Project

  Stranger Project

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readings [week 5]

I loved both readings, really can’t pick a favourite this week. Both of them were wonderful! The reading by RCA was really interesting on many levels; first was how the implemented a non-design/fine-arts concept into a design process (as opposed to borrowing aesthetics which is way more common i.e. rene magritte’s work constantly gets lifted/referenced …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers

Team AsterisK: location_presentation  

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Harvestworks’ Event!!

Hey Everyone!! Harvestworks is having a benefit party next Tuesday! Please check it out! It’s going to be a lot of fun! And I will be there!!! FB invite to Harvestworks\’ Benefit!!  most of you probably already received a Facebook invite from me but please go!!   I will post the webpage soon!!

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