7:2 Semi-failed Attempt – Sound Generator

In this attempt to recreate Forrest Mims III’s Sound Effects Generator, I was able to attain a frequency change. In the schematic there are 2 pontetiometers, one oscillates a frequency and the other changes it. Somehow the first oscillation did not work. I revised all the connections about 15 times, and could not find the problem. I even had someone else look at it, and they could not figure out the missed connection. At least I can say that this has my own special touch to it, which is not necessarily great.

Through the challenges of recreating Mims circuits the most affective has been to make interesting results. It seems that most of these circuits either require components that Radio Shack does not carry any more, or result in really annoying frequencies of sound. These series of experiments drives me directly into mashing-up  these analogue interfaces with digital libraries, so I can have more control over the end result. Hurray microcontrollers and yay for delving deeper into analogue circuitry!

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