Scrapyard Challenge: Sound Wave

Group: Galina Rybatsky, Jason, Yong Lee

Project Name: Sound Wave

Description: Our concept for this piece was a sailboat that plays music as it sails across the water. The wind would propel the sails activating different musical notes. The tempo of the music would depend on how fast the ship is going.

The way we built this was by taking apart a radio/CD player. We wrapped the edges of a CD in aluminum foil and placed it on the turntable. We soldered conductive wires around the CD and attached an input wire that touched the aluminum edge of the CD and another output wire on top of the soldered wires so when the CD was spun the wires would play at set intervals. In order for the CD to spin we made a small mast using a mixer from a kitchen utensil. It needed to be turned manually for the CD to rotate. In order to have multiple musical notes, we constructed a larger mast with 3 conductive aluminum strips. We connected wires to the small mast and ran them to the large mast where the tip of the wire touched the aluminum strips. Each note had its own input but one output because there is one long wire that ran up the large mast under the aluminum strips.

Junk used: Radio/CD player, wires, CD, aluminum, tape, plastic tubes of some sort, and soldering wire.

Result: I am very happy with the way Sound Wave turned out. I have never made anything with input output operations before. The whole experience was very rewarding.  As a result I am not that intimidated by DIY projects anymore, I am really excited to experiment some more and make more interesting interfaces in the future.

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