Scrapyard challenge


Group member have not send their photo to me yet, so these are only what I have.


1. Who was in your group?




2. What did you create?


A Wedding symphony.


3. What junk did you use to build your project?


bottle, aluminium foil, chips, paper box, toy.


4. How did it turn out? Were you happy with the results?


Marisa came up with a idea of making robot.


We think it can be fun. At first, we were considering using glove to touch or hit the robot, but we want the robot to move to make it more attracting. So, we use another way to make it work. Using a paper box and make it into a maze with obstacle and make a robot out of a toy. The groom robot is suppose to look like this and he will run to the goal.


The bride was not original in the idea. It came later.But considering height and the weight, we change another robot instead.I am happy during the progress but not the results. It is fun and enjoyable in the group project and learning as much as possible. There is only one question.I was thinking that do I really use these junk in a good way or just create more junk? Because after the presentation some of them are hard to bring and preserve, so have to throw away…If the challenge is meaning we should learn how to make interface by hand, I think we do have a great job.And thanks for students to help and give feedback. They are really helpful and considerate to help this project.


5.  What new things did you learn about interface design?


It’s hard to describe. But the way of gadget moving,rolling is quite interesting. Some of the materials is hard to imagine to be used in a certain way. I like the high heel shoes. It’s very simple and easy. Other groups present some incredible idea of how things can be used in different way. I think I need to learn more about the word “interface.” It’s not as exactly as I expected before.


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