Commentary on 1+1+1 = 1

Mashups take materials out of their place, put the in another place, mix them with other materials to produce a synthetic, unique, yet familiar sound. The notion of “displacing” and “Familiarity” play key roles in the aesthetics of mashups. The instant feeling of awe, hearing the vocal from your favorite song on top of some other song and its sense of duality that invites our mind to go back and forth between what we have in mind from our previous experience with the songs turn mashups into a very strong and expressive medium that resonates on various levels with the audience.

Mashup music movement -in my opinion- is significantly “alternative” and lends itself well to ignoring the authority. Bypassing legal and proprietary filters, mashup artists are constantly attempting to improve, augment and synthesize the music that is already out there.

Not only mashup combines “sounds” from two sources, but from a social perspective, it is bridging the audience as well. In this context, mashups can be very powerful tools for social commentary as well. A full-fledged synthetic creative medium.

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