Feedback Loop Ideas

1. Appliance Sensors

How often do people leave the house only to panic soon after, trying to remember if they shut the stove or turned off the hair straightener?  I am proposing some sort of sensor that would detect the activity of the appliance that you place it near.  If it does not detect your presence near the appliance for a half hour, it would make some sort of sound to remind you that it’s on. After an hour or so it might text your phone in case you left the house without shutting it. Additionally, you would be able to check the sensors from your phone (through an app) to make sure the appliance is shut off.

2.Breathalyzer Wristwatch

So after doing some research this technology has already been thought of, however the watch simply just returns a number (your BAC). People often don’t even know what these numbers mean (or are too intoxicated to remember), so what if this wrist watch could do more?  You can set it to a level you would like to be that night (for instance, legal driving limit). Then after having a drink and checking your level, it would give you recommendations, like to order a non-alcoholic beverage for now.  Then it might beep in an hour, asking you to check your level again, to tell you if its safe to have another drink.  For certain BACs it may give you an image (like a skull and cross bones) if your alcohol content is really high.


3. Digital Wallet

Idea I proposed during 7 in 7. Since we are moving more and more toward reliance on credit cards, it could be hooked up only to your credit card account (since this is the only feasible way to do it anyway). You can set balances for each day, and it will tell you how much you spent, how much you have remaining from your credit card balance.  This is more convenient for a lot of people who don’t have IPhones/IPads, or who don’t want to go on the internet to check their credit card statement It would be right in front of their face every time they open their wallet so they don’t forget if they’ve spent too much. You can even check the spendings for that week or month, and maybe it would constantly scroll through these amounts to give you a wake-up call/reality check.

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