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Well let's see... I graduated from NYU w/ a BA in French Language and International Politics. Because of the French, I became an account executive in the fashion industry. Being a corporate yuppie didn't really sit well with me after awhile. So I switched careers and retrained as a Graphic Designer/Art Director building up my print portfolio (I wanted to pay attention to my creative side). Now in my 30s, I want to evolve into something more progressive along the lines of new media (i.e. interaction, web and motion). I've handled huge accounts, dealt with "captain of industry" types, and managed a staff. At this point, I want to focus on me and what I truly want to become professionally. I'm a lot more mature and honest with myself this time around. And I think I have more to offer artistically and intellectually than I had in the past.

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Reading Commentary for Week #2: Cardboard Computers, Mocking it up or Hands-On the Future

This piece was perhaps the most interesting article I’ve read so far.  I have truly enjoyed reading this, mainly because I could relate to a certain extent. The whole idea of coming up with a good design based on preliminary mock-ups has always been useful and influential.  As a print designer, I’ve often been called …

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Redesigning Social Network

 Welcome to MYBOOK The New Frontier for Social Networking What is wrong with Facebook?   1) No real separation between friends, acquaintances and relatives. 2) Privacy settings are cumbersome. 3) Oversharing. 4) Ruins romantic relationships. 5) No real solution on bullying. 6) Very loud advertisements. SOLUTION=COMPARTMENTALIZATION For Customized Communication FEATURES: -SAFE FRIEND PORTALS: Customized “friends” area, where one can …

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Reading Commentary for Week 1: Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us by Bill Joy

With Bill Joy’s profession and background, it doesn’t surprise me to know that he has been aware of the possibility that artificial intelligence would surpass human beings in the future.   After reading his article however, a number of sci-fi movies came to mind because of the similar themes he discussed (i.e. The Matrix, Bladerunner, …

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Reading Commentary for Week 1: The Web Means the End of Forgetting by Jeffrey Rosen

After reading this article, I did see the ramifications of oversharing on the internet especially in social networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).  There are always stories about people killing themselves because they got bullied, they got fired because of what they had posted on Facebook or identities were stolen.  I do agree with this article …

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Reading Commentary For Week 1: Great Wall of Facebook by Fred Vogelstein

I don’t exactly know what to say about this article.  This is just another classic “clash of the Titans” scenario.  A lot of corporations deal with this all the time.  If a corporation is under threat from a competition, they usually merge or they come up with something ground breaking or innovative to enhance their …

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Reading Commentary For Week 1: Natural User Interfaces Are Not Natural by Don Norman

After reading Mr. Norman’s commentary/observations of natural gestures + technological interface, I agreed on some of his points about how there are still a few things that needs to be corrected, especially when he pointed out that sometimes certain gestures don’t mean the same things.  I’ve had a similar experiences with hyper-sensitive touchscreens where  I …

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