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Well let's see... I graduated from NYU w/ a BA in French Language and International Politics. Because of the French, I became an account executive in the fashion industry. Being a corporate yuppie didn't really sit well with me after awhile. So I switched careers and retrained as a Graphic Designer/Art Director building up my print portfolio (I wanted to pay attention to my creative side). Now in my 30s, I want to evolve into something more progressive along the lines of new media (i.e. interaction, web and motion). I've handled huge accounts, dealt with "captain of industry" types, and managed a staff. At this point, I want to focus on me and what I truly want to become professionally. I'm a lot more mature and honest with myself this time around. And I think I have more to offer artistically and intellectually than I had in the past.

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The High Line Time Sequence:

watch?v=pDtrWpvmTIk New watch?v=9Um7OSnXA8A watch?v=dDRJVWZWA0A watch?v=cSa3PnaVoRA

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Reading Commentary #6: The Social Life of Small Spaces Chapters 1, 2 & 5

What I understood from this… Was the interaction people have with space, which was pretty interesting to read. The prime example featured is the Plaza.  And Plaza by definition is “A public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area.”  This was invented as such since the greco-roman era as a place where …

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Reading Commentary #6: Cultural Probes

A very interesting read on how things are approached in order to receive accurate data. I was impressed by what they’ve done, in terms of process.  By not building an intrusive package and in it materials that didn’t seem daunting to that particular receiver. I really liked this comment: “Instead of designing solutions for user, …

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Feedback Loop Round 2- M&M Time Management

Time Management via M&Ms Each color represent an 1hr spent on a class.  This is to explore time to determine and monitor productivity visually.  This study is for this past week from Wednesday Sept, 28th to Oct. 3rd. Green is for Major Studio Lab= 10hrs Blue is for Design for this Century= 16hrs Yellow for …

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Mashup Project #2- Part 2

The Smart-Dwell: The Smart-Dwell Nerve Center: Login with voice recognition system. Shoots you to status report of your home.  Good way to check any maintenance issues Program number of household members including pets in order to determine percentage of energy consumption.      

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Mashup- ROUND 2

The Local Feast App: This app is a Mashup of the following: – Recommendations by Celebrity Chef  from the Food Network who participated in featuring local restaurants (with a specific dish), refer to show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. – Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, where he samples food in cities both locally and international …

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Project #3 Feedback Loop: Hush Box Option 3

The Hush Box, project #7 from 7 in 7 assignment: 7 in 7 Project #7: The Hush Box

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Project #3 Feedback Loop: Time Management Option 2

This is more of a personal use. I’d like to use M&Ms to gauge how much time I’m spending on which project per class.  Each color would represent the class and its project and one M&M would be one hour. They will be filled inside glass jars to which I will be documenting via photo …

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Project #3 Feedback Loop: Death from Bullying in USA Option 1

This is made in order to gauge how prevalent the act of bullying has become within America’s current youth culture.  We hear about this maybe once every six months?  But we hear about it nonetheless more often now that before. With the emergence of technology and social networking, bullying— so it seems, has reached a …

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Mash-up Project #2: Smart-Dwell

 Smart-Dwell is the new home for the future.  It is a Mash-up of Eco-Systems, Smart-Sensors and a Feedback Loop all for a Healthy + Eco-friendly home.  Ideally this would be in an urban setting where space is scarce, full of pollutants and also where there’s much waste from energy and refuse.  But this could also …

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