Instruction Sets For Public- DAY 2 + 3 (Continued)

After our first test, we realized that we needed something obtrusive to capture the public’s attention, enough to garner questions and hopefully participation.

What we came up with are two billboards/posterboards around 32X24.  We designed it with bright colors in an attempt for it to stand out:

Billboard A:

Billboard B:



-Here’s our video… HD version will be presented in person-



(will be discussed in depth in class)

1)  Not a lot of children as we’d hoped.
2) Weather was a factor.
3) Those who participated had some feedback (i.e. prefer a linear/one direction search instead of sporadic).
4) Maintenance/Highline crew will throw anything away despite the “cute friendly” factor.
5) Recyclable + Scavenger hunt was lost in translation with visiting foreigners.
6) Only tech-savvy individuals understand QR codes.
7) More to add…



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