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Week #4 Reading

The response of The Grey Album and 1+1+1+1=1 First I was so confused about Mashups. I was not sure I caught the point of its real meaning. When I finished reading The Grey Album Producer Danger Mouse Explains How He Did It and 1+1+1+1=1, I got an intuitionistic cognition of it. These two articles are …

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7in7 #7 Water Waves with Music

I am trying to use Processing to finish this project. I am not good at Processing, I tried something I never did before to use AudioPlayer. Just a try, I only changed the colors and waves. Here is the address of the testing: http://www.openprocessing.org/visuals/checkVisual.php?visualID=38616 Here is the video for the water waves: Water Waves with Music

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7in7 #6 AE Play with water

I tried to use After Effects to do this video. I recorded a shot video by mac motion eye. Then I tried to make it more fancy in After Effects. At first, I thought it might not too difficult, but it really cost a lot of time. It was difficult to control the waves, bot …

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Maker Faire

3 projects that I most interested in: One is: https://www.sifteo.com/ SIFTEO      Many people were interested in this thing. Especially, children. At first sight, I thought it was a iPod Shuffle as the design and size. With physical touch, you can combine two or three, actually, there were 6 electronic boxes as a group, …

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7in7 # 5 Fish eye shooting

Still Pretend to be a fish. You know look through fish eye lens can give a quite different world. Home-made Fish Eye Len camera: Limited Leopard grain fish eye len camera. Setp.18.2011 One day life of a fish                               I found it was hard to focus …

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7in7 #4 LED light/Fluorescent Fish

This inspiration is from ocean. Some kinds of fish can be fluorescent in dark, deep in ocean, coz their squama holds chemical substance. I bought ULTRA-Green/Red Phosphor online try to make something can be see in dark. I also got an idea from a night lamp( You may see the picture below). The goal: a dancing fish in …

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7in7 # 3 Fish Lamp-chimney

This is a fish lamp-chimney. And this is an accident. At first, I did not think this project can be a lamp-chimney. I tried to make a fish face hat for taking photos. Still pretend to be a fish( Waring the fish face hat) in crowd. What is the difference between you and others? You …

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7in7 # 2 Voice in Water

Sound propagation in different frequencies can get different media. In air,  the same voice may goes this way, but in water, it may be quite different. Pretend you a are fish. How does a fish hear a voice in water? I tried to make a mock voice sounds it is diffusing in water. The big environment — …

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7in7 #1 Writing/Drawing Board

Using excrescent delivery packing paper case and  pushpins to make a Writing and Drawing Board. It is very easy to get what you want to write and draw with colorful plastic cord. It is easy to get all materials, including excrescent delivery packing paper box, 3boxes of pushpins, plastic cords, seccotine and plastic foam( use it to fix up pushpins …

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Week # 2 Reading

Cardboard Computer —- Mocking-It-Up or Hands-On the Future This reading is so interesting, I do really love it. When I was reading, I also did some research online—-find out some Cardboard computers. I get some information from those cardboard computers, besides the benefits and good reflections; I found this idea is also doing an environmentally friendly …

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