Feedback Loop Round 2- M&M Time Management

Time Management via M&Ms

Each color represent an 1hr spent on a class.  This is to explore time to determine and monitor productivity visually.  This study is for this past week from Wednesday Sept, 28th to Oct. 3rd.

Green is for Major Studio Lab
= 10hrs
Blue is for Design for this Century= 16hrs
Yellow for Animation Concepts= 6hrs
Orange for Motion Graphics Concepts= 6hrs 
C&C Lab not counted as homework was already finished a week ago before this experiment began.


Major Studio & Design For This Century

Animation & Motion Graphics Concepts


Since we had a paper due for the Design for this Century, I realized I’ve dedicated too much time for it because I kept on writing and rewriting my original theme.  I realized I have issues in overly analyzing.  In retro-spec I should’ve been more organized, maybe started way earlier or be more decisive which direction I wanted to talk about.  Maybe limit the themes I wanted to explore or better yet, get started a weeks before.

Because now this affects the other courses.  In a way that I wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate my proper thoughts, ideas and production would be rushed.  Which then will result in a mediocre project.

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