Mashup- ROUND 2

The Local Feast App:

This app is a Mashup of the following:
– Recommendations by Celebrity Chef  from the Food Network who participated in featuring local restaurants (with a specific dish), refer to show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”.
– Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, where he samples food in cities both locally and international

– Help local business gain more exposure, noteriety and maximizing their profitability
– For individuals to try out recommended food for themselves
– For convenience and restaurant ideas (i.e. “Oh I know a place where we can go…”)


Final Look & Feel:

Mashup of Data From:

Tools Used:
With the help of API integration, relevant information is filtered and combined from Foodnetwork’s
and Anthony Bourdain’s show in the Travel Channel, which then is mapped out in Google Maps.


How it Functions:
There would a filter where the user can choose from searching through local location, by chef or by cuisine type.



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