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Feedback Loop Round 2- M&M Time Management

Time Management via M&Ms Each color represent an 1hr spent on a class.  This is to explore time to determine and monitor productivity visually.  This study is for this past week from Wednesday Sept, 28th to Oct. 3rd. Green is for Major Studio Lab= 10hrs Blue is for Design for this Century= 16hrs Yellow for …

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Mashup #1: Mister Softee App

Mashup #1: Software/Software – Mister Softee App Google Maps API  +  Live GPS Tracker  +  Mobile/Web App Background: Mister Softee has over 600 trucks and over 350 franchise dealers operating in 15 states plus China.  Mister Softee was founded in 1956 and has now become America’s most recognizable mobile ice cream vendor. Concept: I have so …

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Mashup Project #2- Part 2

The Smart-Dwell: The Smart-Dwell Nerve Center: Login with voice recognition system. Shoots you to status report of your home.  Good way to check any maintenance issues Program number of household members including pets in order to determine percentage of energy consumption.      

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Mashup- ROUND 2

The Local Feast App: This app is a Mashup of the following: – Recommendations by Celebrity Chef  from the Food Network who participated in featuring local restaurants (with a specific dish), refer to show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. – Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, where he samples food in cities both locally and international …

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[mashup 2#] Lost Things

I recently lost my university id + trainpass card + lanyard, and I spent the next 4hrs walking up and down the city looking for it (losing the cards doesn’t really bother me much since my trainpass expired anyway, but the lanyard/cardholder was a gift from my mom before she left so I’m very D:!!! …

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