Scrapyard Challenge Writeup

I started with taking a radio apart, in an attempt to be able to use analog switches to create variable inputs.
I began testing for outputs with the multimeter which did not succeed. Then I took an old joystick apart and used buttons to create a variety of different notes.
At the same time, Brian my teammate created a drum machine using a rotating old VCR head, inserting conductive pole just next to it, and applying aluminum foils, evenly spaced on the surface of the head; So that as the VCR head would turn, there would be an evenly-spaced signal going out.

Ultimately, the plan was for me to play  notes and for him to plug in his drum machine to perform together; something that unfortunately did not come true due to overwhelming number of inputs into the arduino boxes. So Brian could not plug in his drum machine, but I performed a bit in that chaotic 12th floor scrappy space!

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