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I found the sitting space reading to be the most interesting because I can relate to it the most. When I was working 4 to 5 days a week I would try to go out of my work environment to get away from the chaos during my lunch breaks. When looking for a place to eat I would find myself going to central park where they have the open spaces to lounge and people watch. One time I could not find a place to sit in my normal spot, I was also by myself, and had to sit on slanted hill area. After a few minutes this creepy guy came and sat next to me then began to harass me. After that I always try to sit in places that are fairly populated unless I am with other people.

When going to lunch my coworkers and I also have certain areas we like to go. So, it is discussed before we venture out for our breaks. Most of the time if it is nice outside we try to avoid sitting in restaurants, again to avoid the chaos of all the tourists. When you work underground in an environment where it’s always a fire hazard it’s nice to get out and get some fresh air.

During the winter time a lot of us go to SONYS indoor plaza area. It is set up with a glass roof and walls, almost as if you were outside. They also put public art throughout the area. During the summer I don’t mind going there but I would rather be outside because the space seems very sterile to me.

The idea that woman can define a  better resting/sitting space then men is an interesting way to study a space. I have noticed that woman have more to say about where thy are going to be going then men do. Most of the time mean just want to relax and do whatever needs to be done. They don’t put much thought into their actions. When going to lunch with some of the guys, because there are majority men at my work location, I have to say they always pick the worst places to sit and I’m always the one who says something. Ex. “Hey guys instead of sitting in the sun, lets sit in the shade.”.

One of the articles seems to be outdated because it stats that Bryant Park isn’t a good location because of drug and violence problems. From what I see today it looks like they have changed Bryant Park from it’s description. There are no longer large fences surrounding the park and the stairs going up to the sitting area seem to be very inviting. They also have a nice sitting area. In the winter they set up an ice skating and there is a winter market. From what I have heard Union Square was about the same, people would go there to get high and sell drugs. It was not a safe area. Now when you walk through Union Square you want to stop and enjoy where you are. They have the same green chairs, also Jazz Bands from the New School perform in the park fairly often.

The fact that they have markets in both locations has made it more of a public environment. More people will be there, along with performers. It makes the space much more enjoyable and comfortable for people to relax.

For this upcoming project it for a public piece it seems as if we need to pick an open, inviting space, that will allow the viewers to feel comfortable enough to interact with the object. It should also be somewhat of a busy space, no one is going to approach an art piece in a dead location, that will make them a “target”

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