Mashup #2: Global Game of Life

Mashup #2: Global Game of Life


1. Educational games  centered around Global Issues


Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to:
•Use an online game to understand conditions in contemporary Haiti and how poverty is an obstacle to education.
• Develop problem-solving, critical thinking and such life skills as resource management, budgeting, and planning for the future.
•Learn about ways in which they can advocate for action to confront poverty and increase access to education in Haiti.

2. Eletronic Game Boards

Life Game: Twist and Turns

Electronic Board updated through the Life Pod in the center

3. Board Games based around a group dynamic

Lord of the Rings Board Game


Hopefully this could be an electronic screen gameboard, where the content could be updated through various news sources, so every time you open the board and plug it in the content is different and the game changes. I have come across alot of issues on how to structure this. If i want an economic range with real data, how would a salary of $700 a year compare to someone making $70,000 a year? Would the game still be fun this way where certain players could not afford alot? Another idea I had was to make the game more about “doing good” and contributing to society. Instead of the objective being to make the most money, it would be to contribute the most through good deeds (charity, volunteering, donating, helping different causes). With this idea it could possibly be a team game.  I am not sure how this would work yet.


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    just very interesting i dont know if it could help your exact idea but this is a very interesting game i played at an art event the other day….if your interested in games for education and issues based!

    1. Thanks this is great! i like it.

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